Sound Equipment

Sound House Wattage:
9,000 to 36,000 watts House coverage - up to 20,000 people indoor or outdoor.

Monitor Wattage
1,000 watts per monitor

House Consoles: Yamaha PM5DRH 48x24 Digital w/power supplies, DDA Q11 or Ramsa 840 or TAC Scorpion or Yamaha PM4000

Monitor Consoles
Crest LM20 or Ramsa 852 or Yamaha M3000 or Yamaha M7CL Digital or Midas Siena 480 or Midas XL3

Monitors Bi-Amped

Monitors Tri-Amped
Yes - Side fill and drum fill

Power Amps
Crown MA3600, Crown MA 2400, Crown MA1200 / (Monitors)  Crown MT1200, Crown MA2400

House Cabinet Type
EV HD3 and EV MT4 40 Cabinets, 16 blocks or Nexo Geo-T Tangent Line Array, Nexo Alpha 3-way Out Fills, Nexo PS10 Front Fills

Monitor Cabinet Type
1502 EV and 2202 EV, Components EV M-15 and EVDHI – 2" and EV FS212 and EV Delta Max
or Nexo PS15 Slant

Drive Rack: Klark DN300 EQ, DBX Drive Rack 260 Processors, Yamaha SPX 1,000, SPX 90, Lexicon PCM 91, PCM 42

Monitor EQ Rack: DBX 480 Controller, DBX 480 Drive Racks, DBX 166 Compressors, Berringher Pro Gates, Yamaha SPX 1,000, Yamaha SPX 90 Effect Unit

Klark Teknik DN 60 Real Time Analyzer
Klark Teknik DN 300 Graphic EQ 
Yamaha 2040 crossovers
DBX 16OX,  Behringer Composer Limitor, Lexicon PCM 42
Lexicon PCM70
Yamaha REV 5
Yamaha SPX990, Yamaha SPX 1,000, Yamaha  Eventide H 3000
Drawmer DS 201- Noise Gates 
Behringer Pro Noise Gates, Whirlwind DI Boxes

Shure, Sennhieser, EV, AKG

Recording Equipment
Yes, CDR

Systems Flyable