Up and coming talent is available in the area from new Indie bands to the next pop sensations. Local talent is great for hearing new music and possibly witnessing musicians before they "make it big."

16 Candles

7th. Heaven

800 Violins 


AC Rock

The Afrodisiacs



The Fabulous Ambassadors  

American Country

American English

Ameca Guadalajara


Back Country Roads

The Banjo Buddies

The Barefoot Hawaiians


Bella Cain     

Billy Elton      


Brock and Abrams

Captain Rat & The Blind Rivets


Cathy Richardson


The Chicago Experience

Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings 

Chicago Skyliners Big Band

Chicago Tribute Anthology 

Circus Boy

Classic Addiction

Classic Blast

Corky Siegal   

Dan Peters

The Dancing Noodles

Dave Rudolf

Deacon Blues  

Deja Vu 

Denny Diamond & The Family Jewels 

Die Musikmeister's

The Dooley Brothers


Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio

Eddie Harrison & Jumpstars  

Elvis Stylist: Shawn Klush     

Fast Eddie & The Corvettes 

FM Stars

The Fortunate Sons (CCR)

Funky Mojo Daddy 

The Gentlemen of Leisure   

Hairbangers Ball

Heartache Tonight

Hirsch (Bavarians) 

Howard & The White Boys

Jack Kramer Orchestra

Jessie White Tumblers  

Jimmy 's Bavarians

Jimmy Nick & Don't Tell Momma

Jim Gill

Jin & Tonic 

John Hopkins   

Johnny Wagner Band


Kickin' Jimmy

Kimi Hayes

The Kinsey Report

Late Night Band

L. J. Slavin     

Lance Lipinsky & The Lovers


Lucky Town

M & R Rush     

The Meteors

Mexican Folkloric Dance Company 

Michael Heaton

Michael McDermott

The Moods  

Mr. Blotto

Mr. Myers

Nate Klinger  

New Shining Star  


One Foot In The Groove

Peter Herz 

Petty Cash

Phenix (Bavarian)

Phil Dirt & The Doziers

The Piano Man

The Prissillas    


Red Oak Bluegrass Band

The Redmonds

The Redstones  

Rhythm City

Rick Kelly 

Rick Saucedo


Rio Bamba Band 

Ronnie Baker Brooks

Ronnie Rice  

Sammy Ray & Texas Flood

Shade of Blues

Shadow Of The Sixties Motown Tribute 

Shinning Star   

Simply Elton 

Skip Griparis

Small Time Dave

Smokin' Gunz Band

South of Disorder

The Spazmatics 

Special Consensus Bluegrass Band   

Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees Tribute)

Susie Dobbs & The Way Out West Band 

The Swing Crew

Mr. Taps 

Tempos (Bavarian)

Terisa Griffin

Three Corner Symphony 

Think Floyd


Too White Crew

The Trippin' Billies 

Tropixplosion (formerly OD TAPO IMI)

Underwater People 

The Voices

The Ed Wagner Brass Band (German-Bavarian)

The Wave Runners 

Wayne Baker Brooks

The Weiss Brothers Orchestra

Who's Bad (M. Jackson Tribute)

The Willis Clan

The Wise Guys