Susie Dobbs

GOIN' FOR BROKE… the title cut and the motto that Susie Dobbs has lived.

Born and raised in North Platte, Nebraska, and from there Susie moved to Aurora, IL. and is still a Chicagoland favorite. Susie recently moved South to Nashville to pursue her music career full time and it is paying off after many years of hard work and dedication.

Onstage, this country music singer's talent really shines. Her high energy show soon has the crowd up on their feet. Susie's charismatic infectious personality is positive and strong and inspires her audience and fans.

Susie and The Way Out West Band have released their latest CD in nearly four years. The single "CLOSE TO OVER YOU" is receiving rave reviews.

Watch for Susie and The Way Out West Band coming to a Festival or Fair near you.

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