Petty Cash

So what happens when 5 musicians who love amazing music get together for good times & great tunes? PETTYCASH! First of all, who DOESN'T like the music of Tom Petty or Johnny Cash, especially while hanging out, cold brew in hand, at your local festival?   Songs you know? CHECK.  Singing along allowed?   CHECK.  Dancing in the aisles to your favorite songs?   REQUIRED!!

PettyCash is a high octane stage show appropriate for old rockers, baby rockers and everything in between.  The combined years of musical experience in this band equals...roughly...1,000 so you’re guaranteed to see some shredding too.  But sorry folks...they won’t kick out the footlights unless it is specifically requested by those die hard aficionados.  So don’t be Petty...just give ‘em some Cash and wait for your new, favorite cover band to spark a love affair with Johnny & June!

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